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Harvey Reginald Specter
Ellie. 21. Pineapples ruined my life. Also, SUITS.
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#harvey’s priority isn’t his reputation anymore or to appear distant and invulnerable #his priority is protecting mike and standing up for him and keeping him #harvey risks his career and the life he build for himself every day #without a second thought #because it all means nothing if he doesn’t have mike or if mike is unhappy (via glitterblues)

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putting my favorite people in a thing → Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Idris Elba as John Smith
Gina Torres
as Jane Smith

"Your aim’s as bad as your cooking sweetheart…and that’s saying something!"

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"Louis has spent the past 45 minutes looking for his time capsule that he hid in here years ago."

Suits Recruits: The Paper Trail - Time Capsule

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tattooedsiren: Harvey had another nice moment when he told Gillis that Mike is twice the man Harvey is when it comes to caring about people. That felt like an important moment for them. It was important. I liked that he said it. I liked that Mike heard it. And it was a way to repair some of the damage that was done to their relationship over the course of the year. And that scene with them out to drinks is meant to do that also, just to get back to some of the fun Harvey-Mike stuff. We cut a scene with Mike saying, “Did you really mean that stuff that you said?” And Harvey blows it off, and he’s like, “What things? I don’t listen when I’m in closer mode.” And Mike says, “That stuff you said about me.” And Harvey says, “People say things,” which is his way of saying that he did mean it.
- Aaron Korsh (x)
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"Welcome to Pearson-kiss-my-ass."

[updated version of THIS gifset]

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@meghanmarkle: #ALSicebucketchallenge accepted! I nominate @serenawilliams (you better do it!) - Special thanks to @McIlroyrory :) http://vimeo.com/103946781

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